Clear vision begins with healthy eyes.

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At La Mirada Optometry we fit patients with contact lenses for every circumstance imaginable. We offer support for those who currently use contact lenses, along with expert advice for those who are considering them as an option for vision correction. Contact lenses are Dr. Byrne's specialty!


We proudly bring more than 35 years of vision care expertise to each patient that visits our office. Call us today!

When you come to us to learn more about contact lenses, we'll make sure you're properly informed at all times. We can tell you:


- Whether or not contacts are right for you

- The benefits of hard and gas permeable lenses

- The proper age to begin wearing contact lenses

- Health information regarding contact lens use

- Potential effects of switching to contact lenses

We'll guide you along the way

- Patients with astigmatism

- Patients with bifocals

- Patients with dry eyes

- Decreasing myopia

- Non-surgical astigmatism reduction


If you are considering contact lenses as an alternative to glasses, we can help you find all the information you need to get started.

Our clinic offers support for:

We carry thousands of lenses to ensure you have as many choices as possible when selecting your new contact lenses. With such a large selection, we're capable of fitting patients of all ages.

Match your lifestyle with our expansive selection of lenses

Find the perfect contact lenses with our help